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Microbiology and Biotechnology Letters

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Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett. 2004; 32(4): 366-370

배양액중의 유기영양물이 Chitinase 생산에 미치는 영향

Effects of Organic Nutrients on Chitinase Production in Minimal Media

Ji-Yun Jang, , In-Cheol Kim, and Hae-Chun Jang,

Department of Food and Nutrition, Chosun University, 1Department of Food and Nutrition, Chosun University, 2Department of Food Engineering, Mokpo National University


Four chitinase producing bacteria, Arthrobacter nicotinae CH4, Arthrobacter nicotinae CHI3, Arthrobacter sp. CH5 and Micrococcus sp. CH3, were isolated from small crabs and shrimps. We investigated the optimum medium condition for the production of enzyme and high cell mass. The preferable medium composition was as follows: colchitin 0.1 %(w/v), glycerol 0.25%(w/v) and yeast extract 0.05%(w/v) in minimal midium ($K_{2}HPO_{4}$ 0.7 g/l, $KH_{2}PO_{4}$ 0.3 g/l, $MgSO_{4}{cdot}5H_{2}O$ 0.5 g/l, $FeSO_{4}}{cdot}7H_{2}O$ 0.01 g/l, $ZnSO_{4}$ 0.001 g/l, $MnCI_2$ 0.001 g/l, pH 7.0). This cell culture medium could be used directly as sample for measuring chitinase activity. Because it hardly conreducing sugar such as glucose (blank value=0), the detected reducing sugar can be considered as a chitinase reaction product. The results can be used for easy preparation method for determination of enzyme activity and analysis of enzyme-substrate reaction in step of screening of chitinase producing bacteria.

Keywords: Colloidal chitin;minimal media;chitinase;glycerol;yeast extract;

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