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Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett. 1993; 21(5): 406-413

Hyphantria cunea Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus 봉입형의 핵다면체에 대한 단일클론 항체의 생산과 인식항원의 결정

The Production and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies to the Major Polyhedra Inclusion Body of the Occluded Form of Hyphantria cunea Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus


This study was performed to produce monoclonal antibodies to the major polyhedral inclusion body (PIB) antigen of the occluded form of Hyphantria cunea nuclear polyhedrosis virus (HcNPV). PIB proteinS were purfied from the Spodoptera frugiperda cell infected with HcNPVs. Using the purified PIB protein, BALB/C mice were immunized 3 times with 2 weeks intervals. The spleen were removed and fused with Sp2/0-Ag14, mouse myeloma cells.

Keywords: Hyphantria cunea NPV, polyedrosis virus, occluded form, polyhedral inclusion body, monoclonal antibody, western blotting

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