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Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett. 1989; 17(5): 489-493

쥐 하이브리도마 세포배양을 위한 무혈청 배지개발(II) -각 성분의 역할과 최소배지의 결정-

Development of Serum-free Media for the Culture of Mouse Hybridoma (II) ; Determination of the Role of Each Component and a Minimum Composition Media


The role of each supplement in serum-free medium KM3 for the growth of hybridoma and the production of monoclonal antibody was investigated. Transferrin, ethanolamine and bovine serum albumin were shown to be indispensable for the growth of four kinds of hybridoma tested in this work, especially transferrin for Alps 25-3, and ethanolamine for A4W and KW hybridoma. The addition of $beta$-mercaptoethanol to the culture medium of HCGK showed a good influence of both the cell growth and the production of monoclonal antibody. Upon the experimental results, we suggested a serum-free medium containing a minimum composition for the culture of hybridoma.

Keywords: Mouse Hybridoma, Serum-free Media, monoclonal antibody

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