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Microbiology and Biotechnology Letters

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Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett. 1974; 2(3): 127-131

Prednisolone 발효중의 산화분해 저지법

Inhibition of Over-oxidation of 11$beta$-l7$alpha$, 21-trihydroxy-pregna-1, 4-diene-3, 2-dione in Fermentative Process.

Moo Bae

Applied Microbiology Lab , Korea Institute of Science and Technology


Inhibition of over-oxidation of prednisolone in the fermentation has been studied by using vegetative cells as enzyme source. firstly, A. simplex (ATCC 6946) was demonst.ated to degrade p.ednisolone in the vegetative culture of the microorganism. Over 72% of hydrocortisone was transformed into prednisoloneby 3 hours of the fermentation. However, the prednisolone produced was considerably oxidized forming over-oxidation product in 8hours of fermentation period with the intact cells. Secondly, in order to depress the over-oxidation and the breakdown of the steroid skeleton of prednisolone, chelating agents such as $alpha$$alpha$'-dipyridyl, o-phenanthroline and 8-hydroxyruinoline were added to the fermentation broth. Conseauently, the breakdown of prednisolone by the iutact cells was able to be remarkably retatded and an intermediate regarded as an oxidized product derived from prednisolone was accumulated, by the addition of $alpha$$alpha$'-dipytidyl in the fermentation.

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