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Microbiology and Biotechnology Letters

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Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett. 1995; 23(2): 170-177

토양으로부터 Candida albicans 의 균사형태에 선택적인 활성을 나타내는 미생물로부터 항진균 물질의 탐색

Screening of Antifungal Compounds from Microorganisms with Preferential Activity against the Mycelial Phase of Candida albicans


To search and develop the compounds exhibiting antifungal activities against the mycelial phase of Candida albicans, approximately 2,900 microorganisms isolated from soil were examined for antifungal activity. Among them, a strain with preferential activity against the mycelial phase of Candida albicans was isolated and identified as Streptomyces sp. A393. Isolation and purification of compounds A393 showing antifungal activity against the mycelial phase of C. albicans were performed using XAD-7 column chromatography, silica gel chromatography, preparative thin- layer silica gel chromatography, and HPLC. The molecular weights of compounds isolated from Streptomyces sp. A393 were determined as 774, 790, 804 and 820. These compounds appeared to have a structure of macrolide antibiotics, oligomycin A, B, C and E. Especially, oligomycin E, which is formerly reported to have no antifungal activity, showed antifungal activity against the mycelial phase of Candida albicans.

Keywords: Dimorphism, C. albicans, virulence, antifungal activity

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