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Food Microbiology  |  Bioactive Compounds or Metabolites: Function and Application

Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett.

Received: November 17, 2023; Revised: January 29, 2024

Study on Anti-inflammatory and Physiological Activity of Extracts from Abelmoschus esculentus.

DanHee Yoo 1 and InChul Lee 2*

1College of Fusion and Convergence, Seowon University , 2Department of Bio-Cosmetic Science, Seowon University

Correspondence to :
InChul Lee, Seowon University, Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea [28674]
Tel : 01053420012, Fax : 0432998107, E-mail :


In this study, we studied the anti-inflammatory and physiological activities Abelmoschus esculentus extracts by hot water (AEW) and 70% ethanol (AEE) and confirm the possibility to use it as a natural ingredient. For this study measure the antioxidative activity, total polyphenol content was measured, and DPPH and ABTS scavenging activity assays were conducted. Total polyphenol content of AEW and AEE was measured, and the results showed that they were 126.76 mg TAE/100g and 144.21 mg TAE/100g, respectively. DPPH and ABTS radical scavenging activities were measured to determine the antioxidative activity, and the results indicated that DPPH and ABTS radical scavenging activities increased in both extracts concentration-dependently. The moisturizing effect was measured by measuring the amount of hyaluronic acid (HA) produced within HaCaT cell using the ELISA kit. AEW and AEE increased the amount of HA production in a concentration-dependent manner. In order to determine the anti-inflammatory activity of AEW and AEE, the NO assay was conducted, and the inhibitory effects were found to be 11.46% and 25.28%, respectively in 100 µg/mL. In order to measure the anti-inflammatory activity, nitric oxide (NO) inhibitory activity was measured, and the inhibition of expression of iNOS, COX-2 proteins was measured and shown. Furthermore, inhibition of expression was found in inflammatory inducing factors iNOS and COX-2 proteins showing concentration-dependent inhibition. This study found the excellent effects of antioxidative, moisturizing effect, anti-inflammatory activity in Abelmoschus esculentus extracts, which indicates that can be used as functional materials for aesthetics, food and functional cosmetics.

Keywords: Abelmoschus esculentus, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing effect, natural material

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