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Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett.

Received: December 4, 2023; Revised: January 10, 2024

Complete genome sequence of Pseudarthrobacter sp. IC2-21, a fluquinconazole-degrading soil bacterium

Myoungjoo Riu , Songhwa Kim and Jaekyeong Song *

Agricultural Microbiology Division, National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Rural Development Administration, Wanju 55365, Republic of Korea

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Jaekyeong SongTel : +82-63-238-0341, Fax : +82-63-238-3834, E-mail :


Pseudarthrobacter sp. IC2-21 is isolated from the greenhouse soil in Icheon, Gyeonggi, Korea. This strain IC2-21 is a first fluquinconazole degrading soil bacterium. We analyze the whole genome sequence of Pseudarthrobacter sp. IC2-21. The sequence analysis revealed that Pseudarthrobacter sp. IC2-21 possesses a single 4,265,009 bps circular chromosome with a GC content of 65.4%. This chromosome contains 3,942 protein-coding sequences and 12 rRNA and 51 tRNA genes. In the result of sequence analysis, it is revealed that strain IC2-21 possessed genes coding the triazole pesticides degradation related enzymes, such as oxygenase, and fluquinconazole degradation related genes.

Keywords: Pseudarthrobacter sp. IC2-21, genome, fluquinconazole, degradation

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