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Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett.

Received: September 14, 2023; Revised: November 8, 2023

The Production of Xanthan from Brewer’s Spent Grain

Rajiv Chetia 1, Bhriganka Bharadwaj 1, Rahul De 1 and Biswa Prasun Chatterji 1*

Assam down town University

Correspondence to :
Biswa Prasun Chatterji, Assam down town University, Painkhaiti, Guwahati [781026]
, E-mail :


Sugar or dextrose increases the cost of production of xanthan gum by Xanthomonas campestris. Brewers’ Spent Grain (BSG) was chosen as a source of fermentable sugars. BSG is a significant industrial by-product generated in large quantities from the breweries. Primarily used as animal feed due to its high fiber and protein content, BSG holds great potential as an economically and ecologically sustainable substrate for fermenting biomolecules. This study explores BSG's potential as a cost-effective carbon source for producing xanthan, utilizing Xanthomonas campestris NCIM 2961. An aqueous extract was prepared from BSG and inoculated with the bacterium under standard fermentation conditions. After fermentation, xanthan gum was purified using a standard protocol. The xanthan yield from BSG media was compared to that from MGYP media (control). The fermentation parameters, including pH, temperature, agitation and duration were optimized for maximum xanthan gum yield by varying them at different levels. Following fermentation, the xanthan gum was purified from the broth by alcoholic precipitation and then dried. The weight of the dried gum was measured. The obtained xanthan from BSG under standard conditions and commercial food-grade xanthan were characterized using FTIR. The highest xanthan yields were achieved at 32ºC, pH 6.0, and 72 hours of fermentation at 200 rpm using BSG media. The FTIR spectra of xanthan from BSG media closely resembled that of commercial food-grade xanthan. The results confirm the potential of BSG as a cost-effective alternative carbon source for xanthan production, thereby reducing production costs and solid waste.

Keywords: Xanthan gum, Spent grain, solid waste, recycling, sustainability, fermentation

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