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Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett.

Received: May 6, 2022; Revised: June 26, 2022

Action of Extracellular Protease of Aspergillus terreus On Human Plasma Hemostasis Proteins

Alexander Osmolovskiy 1, 1*, Elena Zvonareva 2, 2, Nina Baranova 3, 1 and Valeriana Kreyer 4, 1

1Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2Higher School of Economics

Correspondence to :
Alexander Osmolovskiy, Leninskie gory, 1-12 [119234]
Fax : 89168168739, E-mail :


Proteolytic enzymes secreted by aspergillus, as pathogenicity factors, affect blood coagulation and fibrinolysis, and therefore the target proteins of their action in the bloodstream are of significant interest. In the present study, the action of the isolated protease of A. terreus 2 on different human plasma proteins was shown. The protease is highly hydrolyze both globular (human albumin, bovine albumin and hemoglobin) and fibrillar (fibrin) proteins. The protease can coagulate human but not rabbit plasma, human and bovine fibrinogen. The protease shows no hemolytic activity. The activity is insignificantly inhibited by thrombin inhibitors, and is not inhibited by plasmin inhibitors.

Keywords: Aspergillus terreus, fibrinolytic enzymes, thrombolytic activity, hemostatically-active proteases

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