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Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett.

Received: July 19, 2021; Revised: August 19, 2021

Discovery of argyrin-producing Archangium gephyra MEHO_001 and identification of its argyrin biosynthetic genes

Juo Choi 1, 2, Taejoon Park 1, Daun Kang 2, Jeongju Lee 2, Yungpil Kim 2, Pilgoo Lee 2, Gregory J. Y. Chung 2 and Kyungyun Cho 1*

1Hoseo University, 2MECOX CureMed Co.

Correspondence to :
Kyungyun Cho, Department of Biotechnology, Hoseo University, Asan, Republic of Korea [31499]
Tel : 82-41-540-5627, Fax : 82-41-548-6231, E-mail :


Argyrins are a group of anticancer and antibacterial octapeptide bioactive substances isolated from myxobacteria. In this study, we showed that the myxobacterium Archangium gephyra MEHO_001, isolated in Korea, produces argyrins A and B. Since MEHO_001 cells tend to aggregate when cultured in liquid media, a dispersion mutant MEHO_002 was isolated from MEHO_001. MEHO_002 was completely dispersed in the liquid medium, and produced approximately 3.5 times more argyrin A and B than the wild-type strain MEHO_001. We determined the whole-genome sequence of A. gephyra MEHO_002 and identified a putative argyrin biosynthetic gene cluster comprising five genes, arg1–arg5, encoding non-ribosomal peptide synthases and tailoring enzymes. Inactivation of arg2 by plasmid insertion disrupted argyrin production. The amino acid sequences of the proteins encoded by the arg2–arg5 genes of A. gephyra MEHO_002 were 90–98% similar to those encoded by the argyrin biosynthetic genes of Cystobacter sp. SBCb004, an argyrin-producing myxobacterium with identical domain organization.

Keywords: Archangium gephyra, argyrin, myxobacteria, secondary metabolite

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