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Bioactive Compounds / Food Microbiology  |  Bioactive compounds and Physiological properties

Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett.

Received: September 18, 2018; Accepted: November 12, 2018

Ageratum conyzoides와 Endophytic 균 추출물의 항균 활성

Antibacterial Activity of Ageratum conyzoides and Their Endophytic Fungi Extracts

Muharni Muharni *

Sriwijaya University


Ageratum conyzoides have been traditionally used as a drug for diarrhea. The use of this traditional drug can be related to the chemical content i.e. antibacterial compound. Endophytic fungi live in plant tissues of these traditional drugs also have a high ability to produce antibacterial compounds with similar activity as their hosts. In this paper, we reported the antibacterial activity of A. conyzoides extract and endophytic fungal extract using Kirby Bauer method. Extracts with high antibacterial activity from A. conyzoides were isolated based on major compound and was identified by spectroscopic methods. Furthermore, endophytic fungi that provide high antibacterial activity were subjected to molecular identification. The n-hexane extract of A. conyzoides has high antibacterial activity against Salmonella tiphi and Escherichia coli with diameter of the inhibitory zone > 70% standard antibiotics at 400 μg/disk. The major compounds contained in n-hexane extract based on spectroscopic analysis are stigmasterol. Endophytic fungal extracts of A. conyzoides (strain D5L1) also showed high antibacterial activity against Salmonella tiphi, Bacillus subtilis, and Staphylococcus aureus Phylogenetic tree of strain D5L1 has highest homology with Syncephalastrum racemosum strain AHBR11 and Syncephalastrum racemosum strain UBOCC-A-101374.

Keywords: Ageratum conyzoides, Syncephalastrum racemosum, endophytic fungi, antibacterial activity

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