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Improving the Viability of Freeze-dried Probiotics Using a Lysine-based Rehydration Mixture

Karina Arellano1†, Haryung Park2†, Bobae Kim2, Subin Yeo2, Hyunjoo Jo3, Jin-Hak Kim4, Yosep Ji3, and Wilhelm H. Holzapfel1,2*

1Department of Advanced Convergence, 2HEM Inc., Business Incubator Center 103, Handong Global University, Pohang 37554, Republic of Korea 3HEM Inc., 404, Ace Gwanggyo Tower 3, Suwon 16229, Republic of Korea 4COSMAX NS Inc., Seongnam 13486, Republic of Korea

MBL All Issue
Vol.50 No.2
June 28, 2022
eISSN 2234-7305
pISSN 1598-642X

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