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Optimization, Purification, and Characterization of Haloalkaline Serine Protease from a Haloalkaliphilic Archaeon Natrialba hulunbeirensis Strain WNHS14

Rania S Ahmed1, Amira M Embaby2, Mostafa Hassan3, Nadia A Soliman1*, and Yasser R Abdel-Fattah1

1Bioprocess Development Department, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute (GEBRI), City for Scientific Research and Technological Applications, Alexandria, Egypt 2Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Biotechnology Department, 3Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Environmental Studies Department, Alexandria University, Alexandria 21526, Egypt

MBL All Issue
Vol.49 No.3
September 28, 2021
eISSN 2234-7305
pISSN 1598-642X

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