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Publication Fees

  • Under the acceptance of publication, the page charge is 30,000 KRW and 50,000 KRW per each printed page, for active KMB members and non members in Korea, respectively.
  • The whole charge for overseas authors is US$100 per manuscript.
  • A bill for page charges will be sent with the galley proofs.
  • The online version of the manuscript provides color figures free of charge while the print version will be produced in black-and-white. If figures are required to be printed in color, extra charges (₩200,000 per page) will be applied for the authors.
  • Microbiology and Biotechnology Letters (Microbiol. Biotechnol. Lett.) is published and distributed as a regular quarterly issue on the 28th of March, June, September and December each year. A free access journal, including full-text articles, is available for download free of charge on the journal's website (
MBL All Issue
Vol.52 No.1
March 28, 2024
eISSN 2234-7305
pISSN 1598-642X

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